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Coin News and Reference
Coinlink 2006 - numismatic news and online resources.
Coin World - online site of the weekly print publication. - intrinsic metal value calculators.
Numismatic News - online site of the weekly print publication.
Canadian Coin News - online site of the semi-monthly print publication.
COINSHEET Numismatic Directory - links to numerous online resources.

Grading - how to grade U.S. coins, plus other grading topics. - Australian pre-decimal coin grading with descriptions and photo examples.
Australian Numismatic Dealers Assoc. - Australian commonwealth grading standards.
the Canadian Coinoisseur - Canadian coin grading with descriptions and photo examples.
Predecimal British Coins - US/UK grading comparison chart.
Wybrit British Coins - British coin grading with descriptions and photo examples.

Banco de Mexico - information and statistics on Mexico's circulating coinage.
Mexican Coin Magic - online magazine devoted to Mexican numismatics.
Mexican Revolutionary Coinage - photos of revolutionary coinage grouped by state.
Die Varieties of the Chihuahua 5 and 10 Centavos - how to attribute these varieties.

U.S. - general reference for all U.S. coins, provided by PCGS.
the Coin Dealer Newsletter - the "greysheet"- pricing (paid) for all U.S. coins.
NumisMedia Price Guide - online pricing (free) for all circulated U.S. coins.
The IPOTAD Collection - diagnostics of the 1964 proof Accented Hair Kennedy half dollar.
Ken Potter's Educational Series - diagnostics of the 1979-S & 1981-S proof coins.
1972 Eisenhower Dollar Types - diagnostics of the 1972 Eisenhower dollar reverse types.
Wayne Herndon Rare Coins, Inc. - BU roll buyers' guide- definitions and history.

The Canadian Coin Reference Site - online resource for Canadian numismatics.

World Coins
Maria Theresa Talers - how to identify the restrikes.
Mints of the World - alphabetical listing with mailing addresses and other contact info.

Misc. Items
Rich Hartzog World Exonumia - exonumia links and resources.
Mark Goodman Coin Photography - coin photography and lighting techniques. - digital coin photography techniques.
IrfanView - freeware digital image viewer with basic editing functions.
GIMP - freeware digital image editing and manipulation program.

Discussion Groups
Collectors Universe - message board hosted by PCGS.
The Collectors Society - message board hosted by NCG.
RCC - rec.collecting.coins newsgroup provided by Google Groups.
Coin Community Forum - discussion forums for numerous coin related topics.

Coin Supplies
Brent-Krueger - coin and currency supplies.
Brooklyn Gallery - coin/currency supplies and books.

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